Monthly: 十一月 2014

jQuery 选择器

空气 | 心情随笔 | 2014-11-29
选择器 实例 选取 * $(“*”) 所有元素 #id $(“#lastname”) id=”lastname” 的元素 .class $(“.intro”) class=”intro” 的所有元素 .class,.class $(“.intro,.demo”) class 为 “intro” 或 “demo” 的所有元素 element $(“p”) 所... [阅读全文]

FasterCGI with HHVM

空气 | HHVM | 2014-11-02
Posted on December 17, 2013 by Juliusz Kopczewski Today, we are happy to announce FastCGI support for HHVM. FastCGI is a popular protocol for communication between an application server (e.g. running your PHP code) and a webserver. With support for FastCGI, you will be able to run HHVM behind any popular web server (Apache, N... [阅读全文]